Pre Order Pink King Negora

Well after 3 months, the pre order King Negora is done and shipping from Japan ! It should be about a week or so till I can start my shipping here in the USA .. but at least there is a end pointΒ  πŸ˜‰ Thank you to everyone who ordered and waited ! There’s only about x20 of them, so you got a great figure coming your way and very limitedΒ  ;-P I;m not sure but might have a couple of extras .. not sure till they arrive so stay tuned.


pinkbackΒ  pinkside

By the way had a blast at Dcon, didn’t make it to all the booths I wanted too, but hey I’m old and walking around for hours is tough going (!) If you’ve not gone before I’d highly recommend it for these types of toys and art.