Kaiju King Negora !

Kaiju King Negora !!! Now in stock and shipping !

Firstly, I want to thank all the folks who pre ordered many months ago. Your orders all went out today, nearly 3-1/2 months later  ;-(

I’m really not sure why it took so long, but I can say the figure is stunning in hand ! The good news is we have stock of them and would make a nice Holiday present for your Kaiju Cat loving fans  😉

I’m randomly posting up a few customs too … so keep checking back !


By the way, did you know you can pose King Negora into three different poses ? Standard is up right like Godzilla .. but you can twist him into a cat like attack pose … or simply as a baby sitting there ( below ! ) Meow !





above Christmas Negora is now sold out … but be on the look out for a few more customs in the next week or so !

King Negora pre orders update


Ah ! Finally the pre order Kaiju King Negora’s are done and being shipped to me ! I’m sorry for the delays, but the last year has seen an explosion of new vinyl makers and far too many orders for the very small number of soft vinyl casting factories in Japan. Despite new factories coming online, it’s still not enough for the current demand. While Max Toys is lucky enough to get our orders, a few of the orders ( like this one) have been delayed by months. I had this conversation with another toy maker in Tokyo and we both agreed that many Americans seem to think all you have to do is pick up a phone in Japan and complain about an order being late to get them to go faster, but it’s really not that simple and culturally there’s other layers to this onion. One day I’ll write a blog about making sofubi in Japan … and the many encounters I’ve had with artists and makers who’ve tried to apply American “thinking” to a Japanese process… haha.. needless to say, that’s totally NOT the way to do it.

I appreciate your patience and we will ship these ASAP. I’ll post pics of the final painted versions in the next few days as well ! Meow !

Nyagira Kaiju Cat


New Kaiju Cat Nyagira mini sized soft vinyl (sofubi) figure now in the Max Toy web store. This was just released at the Design Festa show in Tokyo, Japan, last weekend. We only have a few left 😉





Meow ! Also for those who pre ordered the King Negora .. finally they are just about done at the painting factory ;-/ I’m so sorry it’s taken so long, but the delay is industry wide concerning soft vinyl production in Japan, I’m sorry to say.

More Max Toy Kaiju news soon !!

EMP Museum Seattle


Well I suppose one should not under estimate the power of Hello Kitty Fans 😉 The newest entry in the Hello Kitty Kaiju line quickly sold out at the EMP museum store. I think I can say we are working on making more but a lot of the timing of when the next batch arrives will depend on our factory in Japan. Many thanks to Chris and the store staff as well they had a massive line all night.

Stay tuned for more info and thank you to those who were lucky enough to grab one !


Seattle is of course a stunning city and the EMP museum is located right next to the majestic Space Needle. You can’t tell from this picture but it was pouring rain ;-P


I didn’t take nearly enough pictures but the preview show was totally packed on all levels of the museum. The rain had no affect on the Fans !

By the way, when you go be sure and check out the basement, as it contains some super duper rare movie props from Sci Fi & Horror films … like original Star Wars light sabers and original Big Chap Alien costume (!)


Seriously not fake … all Max and i could do was stare and drool  ;-P


I drag Max along to all these shows as much as i can, and you can tell he’s thrilled to see this piece … yet again ! Well, Hello Kitty Kaiju is now owned by Sanrio so I suspect she will see much more of the World than I 😉


The shows up thru May 2016, I highly recommend seeing it, and of course Seattle, too !

More info:  http://www.empmuseum.org

EMP museum Hello Kitty Kaiju

Well, the cat’s outta the bag ! … We are happy to show the exclusive Hello Kitty Kaiju figure only via EMP Museum in Seattle ( http://www.empmuseum.org ) ! Each is fully hand cast in soft vinyl ( sofubi ) and hand painted in Japan by Master craftsmen.


The Hello Kitty Supercute exhibit travels from Japanese American National Museum to EMP museum with an opening party Friday night November 13th, 2015 ( I’ll be there 😉 ) and public opening on Saturday.

The figure will be available in their store ( but please check with them in terms of online sales etc ) It’s exclusive to EMP, so I will not have any to sell sorry to say.

Sanrio X Max Toy x EMP museum, with special thanks to JapanLA !! Meow !

Max Toy 10th Anniversary




















Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since founding Max Toy Company ! I thought I would share some behind the scene pics from the early days. We start with my original character, Captain Maxx. Named after my son Max … whom the company is named for as well 😉 While we’ve gone on to make Captain Maxx in other sizes and in Japan, this first China made version remains my favorite.

Fun Fact: I use “Max” so much (company name, Characters etc) that people think my name is Max ! I’d say about a third of the emails are addressed to Max  😉

Before launching the character I posted up a secret web site, which gave the back ground details on where Captain Maxx came from: www.captainmaxx.com

By the way, it’s a fictitious story but fans still think there was a vintage TV series in Japan  ;-P


Here’s the sketch I did that the factory used to base the sculpt below on. My influences for the figure included Ultraman, Spectreman, Mirrorman and Marvel comics 60s Captain Marvel .. all mashed up !

maxx_proto1Sporting a “removable” mask which reveals a hybrid face underneath of Me (hair parted in the middle), Max ( his dimple on the cheek) and the generic Japanese toy male face sculpt.



capt_maxxHeader card painting I did for this project. Acrylics on canvas.


Backing card with cutaway view of Captain Maxx. Pen and Ink with airbrush.


There’s nothing like seeing your logo on the foot for the first time 😉


maxx_bagged_front_web maxx_bagged_back_web

Final figure, bagged.

And of course Captain Maxx needed his own theme song ! Hope you enjoyed this look back .. I’ll post up more throughout the year.

Captain Maxx theme song retro version by Yunck & Trierweiler.
Song written, produced and recorded by Yunck & Trierweiler.

RyanYunck :

Max Toy Co Updates


Sorry for the lack of updates been working on customs for various upcoming shows plus randomly dropping Ultimate SaiKobi customs in the web store (all sold out) Above is a test shot of a Saikobi on a tank .. part of a special series we are working on for 2016 debut 😉 I’ll try to post up a few more as we go along. Its gonna be a very cool project ! Of course you can get daily random Kaiju posts from me via Instagram: @maxtoyco

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