Max Boy & Max Toy Club kit


Ah, finally the official Max Toy Company mascot, Max Boy has landed !



Skillfully sculpted by Makino-san ( TTToys ), vinyl casting by Shimizu-san and painted by the Maruyama Brothers in Japan. Based on our Max Toy Logo ( trademark pending πŸ˜‰ ), and for those of you who don’t know Max Boy and the company is named after my son, Max ! Yes, it’s confusing, as some people will email me and call me Max (haha). I’ve been wanting to make this figure since starting Max Toys over 9 years ago… so I’m so happy with how it turned out !

Standing about 5 inches tall, a limited quantity will be posted online in the next day, plus …


Remember the Max Toy Club ?!! Finally I’ve been able to set aside a few Max Boys to go along with our newly revamped Club Kit (new folder, card, pin, sticker and patch !). So if you’ve ever wanted to join now’s the time ! While only a few slots will be open, don’t worry, as soon as we make more Max Boys we’ll re-open the club again.