King Negora pre orders update


Ah ! Finally the pre order Kaiju King Negora’s are done and being shipped to me ! I’m sorry for the delays, but the last year has seen an explosion of new vinyl makers and far too many orders for the very small number of soft vinyl casting factories in Japan. Despite new factories coming online, it’s still not enough for the current demand. While Max Toys is lucky enough to get our orders, a few of the orders ( like this one) have been delayed by months. I had this conversation with another toy maker in Tokyo and we both agreed that many Americans seem to think all you have to do is pick up a phone in Japan and complain about an order being late to get them to go faster, but it’s really not that simple and culturally there’s other layers to this onion. One day I’ll write a blog about making sofubi in Japan … and the many encounters I’ve had with artists and makers who’ve tried to apply American “thinking” to a Japanese process… haha.. needless to say, that’s totally NOT the way to do it.

I appreciate your patience and we will ship these ASAP. I’ll post pics of the final painted versions in the next few days as well ! Meow !