Heather Hyatt custom Negoras Forest Guardians

negora group w logos

These stunning, hand crafted custom Kaiju Negoras will be on sale in our Max Toy web store this Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.Β  Each one is a unique character from artist Heather Hyatt ! Pictures really don’t do these justice .. the work is layered and awesome in hand.

Here’s a better description of the figures/ process from the Spanky Stokes web site (Β http://www.spankystokes.com/2016/04/heather-hyatt-x-max-toy-co-forest.html )

These Negoras represent three seasons. “Aki”, “Natsu”, and “Haru” are ‘Autumn’, ‘Summer’, and ‘Spring’ in Japanese respectively. They are forest spirit guardians, Yokai really, and Heather’s work is mainly nature and/or fantasy related, whimsical usually… so the mix of nature with bright color palettes is very fitting! The main work is handpainted acrylic vs the usual airbrush treatment seen on sofubi.

The eyes are inlaid silkscreened Japanese paper called chiyogami. The figures are silky matte sealed, all except the eyes which are glazed. Heather used epoxy clay around the eyes as well as the other small sculptural elements. Tiny, less than 1mm colored glass pearls are set into the clay on all of the figures in various places. The little Kodamas are also made from epoxy clay, given a light acrylic paint treatment with a little gem, and matte sealed. Kodamas, being Japanese tree spirits, Heather felt were a natural companion for these Negoras.

Aki –


Aki2 Aki3 Aki4 Aki5 Aki6


Haru –

Haru1 Haru2 Haru3 Haru4 Haru5


Natsu –

Natsu1 Natsu2 Natsu3 Natsu4 Natsu5 Natsu6

Photos by Heather Hyatt