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Kaiju TriPus Lands !

Finally have factory painted TriPus in stock and shipping ! If you Pre Ordered, we are now shipping your orders, so Thank you in advance ! 2/3 of the stock are now sold πŸ˜‰

Order today ! – https://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1209


Really nice paint work and the head trick is really cool, too ! Just remember you will have to carefully heat up the head/joint area with a hairdryer and carefully remove the head and eye and swap them out. The pieces will be hot, so please only Adults do this process.


Kaiju TriPus (2.0) 1st colorway Pre Orders

Here’s some factory pictures of our new Kaiju TriPus painted up ! This new version is fully Made in Japan. Sculpted by Pico Pico with production assists by Yo-san !

You can now Pre Order one in our web store: https://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1209

Please read the full description for more details. And you can also pose the figure one of three ways (see below) !! Sorry, the pics below are of an unpainted version .. I’ll post up new pics of the painted one as soon as they arrive end of December.

Max Toy Updates

A few quick updates, most of which have been posted via my Instagram ( @maxtoyco )

Many thanks to our Fans for helping us sell out of the Chubz custom show we had !

These wonderful custom Negora by artist Heather Hyatt are also sold out ! Be sure and check out Heather’s work via http://hhyattart.storenvy.com/


This Galaxy Kaiju TriPus is for the upcoming Soft Vinyl Sydney show – More info posted here :Β  https://www.instagram.com/softvinylsydney/


New TriPus & Chubz the Cat

Been a busy week here at Max Toy ! First we have unveiled two new sofubi kaiju ! Sculpted & redesigned by PicoPico is our brand new Kaiju TriPus !

2016-09-06-15-49-072016-09-06-16-14-24Β 2016-09-06-15-49-11


you can transform Tripus by gently heating the head, popping off the eye and turning head over, plugging it back into the body and replacing eye into the open hole. Really cool way to make him look different !trisculpt72

Above is the test shot in vinyl (left side) and the original sculpt by Pico Pico (right side)

And the new header card painting for the package by Mark Nagata πŸ˜‰


First release very soon at TaiPei Toy Festival and on this web site …so stay tuned for details !

And our latest collab with awesome artist, Jay222, is his creation and sculpt of Chubz the Cat ! Here’s the test shot in vinyl looking very full ;-P


Chubz is a two part figure, head and body.

Chubz will debut at TaiPei Toy Festival and here very soon so make room in your Cat Toy collection for him !

and look for these new Rainbow style micro Kaiju Eyezon very soon ( well as soon as i can clear coat them ! ) I’ll drop them into the the web store this coming week ! eyezonrainbow1

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