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Max Toy Updates

Sorry a bit late on these posts .. but here we go !

Have a few customs in this show now taking place in Australia at Outre gallery !


2016-07-04 20.31.45

Plus my custom for Ugly Con now at Giant Robot gallery .. Ugly Galaxy ! www.giantrobot.com


and last but not least later this week, we’ll have NEW Gacha-Maxx colors … Grey, Flesh ( Fresh ), GiD ( glow in dark ) and clear Pink ! When you order, we will randomly give you one of these colors ( and brown ) .. you can not pick the color or the character ( one of ten different ones) .. just like in a gashapon machine  ;-P Good luck and hope you get the ones you’re looking for … Gotta Collect Them All !

2016-07-07 10.20.54

Kaiju Frog on Sale


(sold out ) A special collab with OneUp store Japan x Max Toy ! Here’s version 2 of the Frog hand painted by Mark Nagata with Monster Kolor paints. We have half the run painted for sale now in our web store: http://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1117

The other half will be for sale via OneUp store in Japan very soon ! Limited supplies so do not delay ! Figure designed and sculpted by TakePico !!


Max Toy Updates

A few random Max Toy Kaiju updates  😉


From November 2015, can you spy the mini glow Captain Maxx in this photo shoot in Marie Claire magazine ?! Had no idea they used him but always glad to see Japanese toys get their due 😉


OneUp store Japan x Max Toys .. Frogs version 2 in progress ! Actually they are almost done ( see my instagram: maxtoyco ) Should be able to release them late next week .. I’ll post details soonish !


Design Festa May 14-15th, 2016- Max Toy table

Check out our Japan blog for more info –



Header card art ( comic book style ) by Mark Nagata for upcoming Robot Abigail releases in Japan and USA. More details very soon for US fans  😉

Vincent Price Museum & Alien Art shows


A quick update, have a special Kaiju Eyezon in this Giant Robot museum show. Contact them to purchase it  😉 http://www.giantrobot.com Taking place at the Vincent Price museum ( yes that Vincent Price of horror movie fame ! )


ALIEN art_promo2

And curated by artist Chogrin and at Creature Features store in Burbank this weekend a tribute show to Alien movies. I painted this Alien “Big Chap” to the right ;-P Original ( acrylics mounted on foam core and framed ) and giclee prints available. Contact Creature Features for more info ! – http://creaturefeatures.com

Max Toy Kaiju Updates


Now in the web store, new release of Koijarus Koi Fish Kaiju painted by Mark Nagata ! Limited supplies left so don’t delay ! http://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1107

Also, half the run will sell thru OneUp store Japan so check them out: http://one-up.shop-pro.jp/

I hand flocked this Nyagira for the upcoming P!Q gallery show, details here: http://www.piqproducts.com/pages/hello-kitty-99-friends

I based the Black Kitty on the Catsby Kids characters from Sanrio ;-P

And a final release of hello Kitty Kaiju, Sanrio x Max Toy via EMP museum is forthcoming ! I’m not sure how they will release these, but they may only be available in person at the museum store. Check their web site for more current info, and good luck ! http://www.empmuseum.org/hellokitty?from=home

Grape Ape OneUp x Max Toy

Thank you to everyone who ordered the Grape Ape ! They are now Sold Out. But you have a second chance at them via OneUp store in Japan – http://one-up.shop-pro.jp

Check their web site for when they post them !

This Ape figure was sculpted by Mount Kobo, and produced by OneUp Store.

Each hand painted Grape Ape by Mark Nagata used Monster Kolor paints. Comes with banana scented sticker too ;-P

Hopefully I get another chance at painting these crazy Apes in the future .. but in the meantime look for another Koi fish and Frog custom painted release very soon !

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