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Max Toy & Mark Nagata Updates

Bunch of updates ! First up painted these rainbow Gyogura for Gumtaro x Medicom !

I believe the pre order is still up via Medicom …limited as always !



Gumtaro has been around awhile but seems to have really gained a well deserved following of late.. his monsters are super unique and fantastic ! Super honored to be asked to paint a run of his figure !


Above: Header card art I did for the Gyogura release .. Galaxy style of course !


Finished this She-Ra inspired painting for an upcoming Gallery 1988 Mattel Toy Art show, curated by Chogrin. Check the gallery site for more details…


Acrylics on board and about 10×15 inches πŸ˜‰ I’ll post a step by step as soon as the show debuts.

Will be receiving these incredible Hawaiian Kaiju Drazoran soon ! Each hand crafted by artists Seth Longmire and Laura Longmire ! More details to follow .. but here’s a peek ! If you check Seth’s Instagram ( @sethlongmire ) you’ll see much more … !


There’s more news coming very soon including a big toy announcement !

Guillermo Del Toro show at Gallery1988

Here’s a quick post about last Friday’s, Guillermo Del Toro “In Service of Monsters” art show at Gallery 1988 (west) Los Angeles. Curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo.

First let em say, the over all caliber of the show was one of the highest I’ve seen, everyone brought their “A” game and more, and it showed. I had a piece in the show so last minute decided to travel down with Max to attend a reception for the artists.

Plane + cab ride and along the way saw this …

2015-09-11 17.42.35Only in L.A. would you see this cool sight… Gort ! I always get a sense of deja vu when visting L.A., I’m not sure why … it might be because I spent my early childhood years in the 70s growing up in the Sawtelle area … and use to have many relatives who lived in the area… I’m sure somewhere in my mind I’ve crossed these streets .. but now it’s just a faded memory …


2015-09-11 18.17.11The gallery space is long but not wide, so it was very packed … some nice touches included custom arches for the show.


2015-09-11 18.20.16Here’s my piece for the show … basically a “pin up” of Mako from Pacific Rim πŸ˜‰


2015-09-11 18.30.07Mr Del Toro appeared and all the Geeks in the room started sweating, raising the over all temperature to 100+ degrees ! Ok I’m sorta kidding but it was VERY hot in the gallery … !


2015-09-11 18.31.22What can I say, I am a very lucky artist to have spent a few moments with Mr Del Toro.

I’m not really sure what I said ( haha) but forgot to get a picture with Max ;-( … but max did get to shake his hand πŸ˜‰

By the way, Mr Del Toro took his time with each artist there and made his way thru the whole gallery, talking, taking pictures … this is a class act.


2015-09-11 19.16.44Here’s one of the curators, artist Chogrin … I’m sorry i did not get a shot with the other curator, Gary Deocampo, but both guys were busy working super hard all night !

2015-09-11 18.33.51Both and Max and I are big fans of EM Gist’s work … this one sold out quickly ( darn) !

2015-09-11 19.05.07

And like that, it was over. We had only 4 hours on the ground and had to catch a plane back to San Francisco. While leaving the gallery the line to get into the show was around the block ! Yikes .. !

My original sold (yay !) but prints are still available via Gallery1988 web site plus check out all the other great art here:


Show runs till October 3rd, 2015