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Max Toy Updates

Update: 3/15/19 – Sorry, slight shipping delay on orders placed this week. We will get all orders out by Monday.

A couple of fantastic releases today !

Now Sold Out ! – First up we have a fully painted Man of Many Weapons, Gerald Okamura figure !

Fully cast and painted in Japan. They came out great ! Sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys perfectly captures The Legend ! Buy one ( or more !) now here !


And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, we have not one, but two brand new Mecha Drazoran ! The Amazing MechaZone does it once again ! Perfectly 3D sculpted and printed mecha parts that seamlessly fit into the sofubi Kaiju Drazoran … the result is Mecha Drazoran ! Choose from Green based vinyl or Pink based vinyl. Retail is $225 each. Green is limited to x8 pieces, while the Pink is limited to x7 pieces. Can’t stress the work Mechazone put into the design of these pieces but also the printing and finishing of them.

Buy the Green version here: https://www.maxtoyco.com/Store/Green-Mecha-Drazoran-MechaZone-x-Mark-Nagata-kaiju-custom/1570

and the Pink version here ! : https://www.maxtoyco.com/Store/PINK-Mecha-Drazoran-MechaZone-x-Mark-Nagata-kaiju-custom/1571

Each features paint work by Mark Nagata. Hand dry brushed gold painted mecha parts. Extra parts are included should you want to display Drazoran in normal Kaiju mode ( pictures below ) πŸ˜‰

Drazoran micro run

Artist Michael Devera has worked his magic once again on these Kaiju Drazoran ! Really nice and only x3 of them ! Last one now in our web store: https://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1545

Colors Inspired by Nature !

Also, check out @pwnaliciou5 and his Kickstarter for his Eye Podd kaiju toy. I will be painting one ( I think the tier is sold now) but plenty of other super duper artists lending their talents to the cause … check it out !

And, a peek at a Japan Wonderfest only new Toho Hedorah from Max Toys and Yo-san ! Sculpted by Pico Pico ! Sorry, this is a One Day license item, so NO overseas sales. You have to attend the event or have a friend there get one for you.

Max Toy Table TE17 Dcon Exclusives Part 1

Hi Folks ! Here’s the first round of Dcon ( http://www.designercon.com/ ) exclusives we’ll have at our Max Toy Company table TE17 ( end aisle ).

Also look for special micro runs and one offs from Jay222, Javier Jimenez, Doug Hardy, Michael Devera and Todd Robertson !!

Plus we’ll bring some stock items ( figures, pins, keychains ) as well. I will be at the booth pretty much all day Saturday & Sunday (minus some walking around time) so look forward to seeing you all ! As you know, I rarely attend USA shows and haven’t had a booth/table in the US in 8-9 years ? ;-P

All items are first come, first served and one item per person, please.

Exclusive Tiger Boss & Office Cat , each sold separately πŸ˜‰

Exclusive Crusher G Pink version

Micro run, Boy Karma, painted by Mark Nagata

Exclusive Squishy Micro Negora ( unpainted )


Exclusive Rainbow Micro Kaiju Eyezon painted by Mark Nagata. Micro run.


Exclusive Kaiju Drazoran micro run painted by Mark Nagata



Exclusive Kaiju Eyezon, micro run by Mark Nagata


Next post, more exclusives and one offs !

Hawaiian Drazoran Seth & Laura Longmire


Hawaiian Kaiju Drazoran custom by Seth and Laura Longmire ! Where to start ?!! These guys are simply amazing !!! First, a super colorful Hawaiian colored figured expertly painted by Seth. That alone is worth the price, but there’s much more. Seth’s mom, Laura, has hand crafted Hawaii shirts for each figure ! The details are all there from the pockets to the buttons, yes they button ! There’s more ! … Seth handcrafted and cast coconut drinks for each to hold ! Laura added custom made sandals and shell necklaces ! No two are the same by the way .. there are x5 figures in the “set” each is hand numbered and signed .. but really each is unique and no two are the same ! We only have two left … from the series. Simply stunning and a perfect addition to your Kaiju collection !I’ve seen a ton of custom Max toy figures and these rank up in my top 5 all time best πŸ˜‰

draggreenfront drazgreenclose


drazblkfront drazblackdetails

Check out Seth’s web site for more of his work : http://www.orbitdyne.com

Max Toy & Mark Nagata Updates

Bunch of updates ! First up painted these rainbow Gyogura for Gumtaro x Medicom !

I believe the pre order is still up via Medicom …limited as always !



Gumtaro has been around awhile but seems to have really gained a well deserved following of late.. his monsters are super unique and fantastic ! Super honored to be asked to paint a run of his figure !


Above: Header card art I did for the Gyogura release .. Galaxy style of course !


Finished this She-Ra inspired painting for an upcoming Gallery 1988 Mattel Toy Art show, curated by Chogrin. Check the gallery site for more details…


Acrylics on board and about 10×15 inches πŸ˜‰ I’ll post a step by step as soon as the show debuts.

Will be receiving these incredible Hawaiian Kaiju Drazoran soon ! Each hand crafted by artists Seth Longmire and Laura Longmire ! More details to follow .. but here’s a peek ! If you check Seth’s Instagram ( @sethlongmire ) you’ll see much more … !


There’s more news coming very soon including a big toy announcement !