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Max Toy Updates

Slowly working my way thru a few projects … first up, a special set, once again with Baby Shifty .. full details soon but in the meantime here’s a peek ! 70s style this time …


And below, adding more details to these Rosco Bears ! Once again galaxy style … FYI half the run has been (sold) reserved, so if you have any interest better send an email to infoATmaxtoycoDOTcom .. they will be $100 each plus shipping and tax if you’re in CA. Should have them done by next week !


and finally, Halloween Candy Corn Negora sets are sold out, thank you ! 😉




TaiPei Toy Festival

Here’s our exclusives for Taipei Toy Festival ! Look for booth A71 , along with OneUp store, Oct 7th -10th, 2016.

2016-09-21-08-32-00 2016-09-21-08-32-04

Plus look for the Kaiju Gyogura painted by Mark Nagata for Gumtaro x Medicom Toys offer, October 8th, 2016. I believe it’s only Japan ordering though ;-( via Project 1/6 shop/web site.

2016-10-02-07-58-56 2016-10-02-07-59-12

Also working on these cute Rosco bears by http://www.fantastisch.mx/  ( Bela Álvarez and Oscar Juárez ) More details very soon .. !


and check out our buddy, Mechavirus’ Instagram @mechavirus as he randomly drops some amazing customs, including these Max Toy Mecha cats !


Chubz the Cat by Jay222 x Max Toy

Our latest Kaiju Cat is now on sale here : http://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_item.php?id=1165

Designed and sculpted by our good buddy and super talented artist Jay222 !! As usual we have it cast in soft vinyl and Made in Japan. This first release is a blue / purple color .. really hard for me to color balance so excuse the pics below. Also we ran out of time so the header card is not ready ;-P

But feast your eyes on this chubby kitty who can’t stop eating cities as snacks !





New TriPus & Chubz the Cat

Been a busy week here at Max Toy ! First we have unveiled two new sofubi kaiju ! Sculpted & redesigned by PicoPico is our brand new Kaiju TriPus !

2016-09-06-15-49-072016-09-06-16-14-24 2016-09-06-15-49-11


you can transform Tripus by gently heating the head, popping off the eye and turning head over, plugging it back into the body and replacing eye into the open hole. Really cool way to make him look different !trisculpt72

Above is the test shot in vinyl (left side) and the original sculpt by Pico Pico (right side)

And the new header card painting for the package by Mark Nagata 😉


First release very soon at TaiPei Toy Festival and on this web site …so stay tuned for details !

And our latest collab with awesome artist, Jay222, is his creation and sculpt of Chubz the Cat ! Here’s the test shot in vinyl looking very full ;-P


Chubz is a two part figure, head and body.

Chubz will debut at TaiPei Toy Festival and here very soon so make room in your Cat Toy collection for him !

and look for these new Rainbow style micro Kaiju Eyezon very soon ( well as soon as i can clear coat them ! ) I’ll drop them into the the web store this coming week ! eyezonrainbow1

New Gacha-Maxx arrive & Dragon Boy Customs


Now in stock and randomly shipping ! We just received these Gacha-Maxx figures painted by the factory ! There are not many of each so when you order we can not guarantee you’ll get one, but if you don’t try… ;-P


2016-08-30 15.40.29

And I just finished these Dragon Boys for artist Martin Hsu along with some Dragon Pups too ! Contact Martin for more info … but I believe these will be for STGCC in Singapore 😉

2016-08-30 15.41.20


King Negora Pre Order

( pre orders are closed, thank you I will update on the production as I learn more info, thank you ! )

Hi Folks ! Now taking pre orders on a new King Negora ! Sorry for the not so great photoshop colors (!) but the final figure will be on light Pink vinyl, with Purple, Red and blue sprays.  Pre Orders will be up for about 7-10 days. I’ll close them and begin production, but as usually please allow 30-60 days for them to be completed. Factory delays most likely will happen, so just keep that in mind. Many thanks !



Max Toy Kaiju Updates

Hi All ! Just a few updates most of which have been posted to my

Instagram (@maxtoyco ) !


Many thanks to Rotofugi for once again hosting my customs at their booth via SDCC 2016. Humbled to see they sold out 😉


Via Facebook friend, Edouard Jean Le Duc , this artwork with King Neogra was shown on Canadian TV ;-P

Story is at the 14:55 point – http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/728127043954




Sold Out ! Sorry about that folks, we only had x3 sets for sale and they went super fast. Ameri-Cat vs Bat-Cat. @shifty_toys customized the Bat-Cat and I have to say from the paint app to the custom cape by @bunnykftwr stunning work !!! We’re working on a new series so stay tuned and yes this time we’ll make more available 😉

And finally spent sometime filming stuff for a future project .. but that’s all I can say !

2016-07-22 12.06.36-2

Gacha-Maxx series 1 Debut

Here’s the first colorway of our brand new Gacha-Maxx series 1 figures !

Sorry for my awful pics, the color is like in this group shot .. but at least you can see how cool these x10 different characters are ! Sizes range from about 2.5 inches to 4 inches tall.


Ok, so here’s the details on them. These are not sold in sets, but randomly. The reason for this, is in Japan, they are only sold in actual Gachapon machines via OneUp store, Dai Kaiju Salon Bar, and various Japan toy events via Max Toys. So to be fair to those fans that have to buy them in that manner we are doing our best to replicate that. There are a total of x10 different designs ( as you see below ). When you order, you are simply ordering how many you want, but we will fill them randomly ( that word again ! ) So you may get the same figure or not. Each comes in a gacha ball with insert. Yay !



Punch the Gorilla






Cyclopean Cat



One Eyezon


Gator Sub



Hoots ( owl kaiju )






Butch the platypus







Dino Tank

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