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Max Toy Table TE17 Dcon Exclusives Part 1

Hi Folks ! Here’s the first round of Dcon ( ) exclusives we’ll have at our Max Toy Company table TE17 ( end aisle ).

Also look for special micro runs and one offs from Jay222, Javier Jimenez, Doug Hardy, Michael Devera and Todd Robertson !!

Plus we’ll bring some stock items ( figures, pins, keychains ) as well. I will be at the booth pretty much all day Saturday & Sunday (minus some walking around time) so look forward to seeing you all ! As you know, I rarely attend USA shows and haven’t had a booth/table in the US in 8-9 years ? ;-P

All items are first come, first served and one item per person, please.

Exclusive Tiger Boss & Office Cat , each sold separately πŸ˜‰

Exclusive Crusher G Pink version

Micro run, Boy Karma, painted by Mark Nagata

Exclusive Squishy Micro Negora ( unpainted )


Exclusive Rainbow Micro Kaiju Eyezon painted by Mark Nagata. Micro run.


Exclusive Kaiju Drazoran micro run painted by Mark Nagata



Exclusive Kaiju Eyezon, micro run by Mark Nagata


Next post, more exclusives and one offs !

11th Anniversary Max Toy Company


Hard to believe we are celebrating 11 years !! Many thanks to fans both old and new for your support and kind words over the years. We have some cool things planned both near term and into 2018. I have to thank firstly my wife and son ( Max ) for their love the support. It’s not easy being self employed and on top of that be in the arts field. Big props to Yo-san in Japan for all his production help and full commitment to Max Toys. To the many artists and designers past and present my gratitude for contributing to the Max Toy history.

I’ll be at Dcon ( ) Saturday Nov 19th, 2016 only. I’ll be roaming around but best chances if you need to see me (haha) are around the Rotofugi booth 902, I’ll have some custom figures for sale. But also check out our special Negora collab with artist, Josh Mayhem at Corner 12 booth – 732.


11th anniversary logo by Javier Jimenez

Heather Hyatt custom Negoras Forest Guardians

negora group w logos

These stunning, hand crafted custom Kaiju Negoras will be on sale in our Max Toy web store this Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.Β  Each one is a unique character from artist Heather Hyatt ! Pictures really don’t do these justice .. the work is layered and awesome in hand.

Here’s a better description of the figures/ process from the Spanky Stokes web site (Β )

These Negoras represent three seasons. “Aki”, “Natsu”, and “Haru” are ‘Autumn’, ‘Summer’, and ‘Spring’ in Japanese respectively. They are forest spirit guardians, Yokai really, and Heather’s work is mainly nature and/or fantasy related, whimsical usually… so the mix of nature with bright color palettes is very fitting! The main work is handpainted acrylic vs the usual airbrush treatment seen on sofubi.

The eyes are inlaid silkscreened Japanese paper called chiyogami. The figures are silky matte sealed, all except the eyes which are glazed. Heather used epoxy clay around the eyes as well as the other small sculptural elements. Tiny, less than 1mm colored glass pearls are set into the clay on all of the figures in various places. The little Kodamas are also made from epoxy clay, given a light acrylic paint treatment with a little gem, and matte sealed. Kodamas, being Japanese tree spirits, Heather felt were a natural companion for these Negoras.

Aki –


Aki2 Aki3 Aki4 Aki5 Aki6


Haru –

Haru1 Haru2 Haru3 Haru4 Haru5


Natsu –

Natsu1 Natsu2 Natsu3 Natsu4 Natsu5 Natsu6

Photos by Heather Hyatt

Dino Saikobi Glow in Dark !


Only a few pieces remain of these hand painted by Mark Nagata, these glow in the dark Dino Saikobi micros. A Max Toy / Monster Boogie production. Look for them in the Max Toy web store, also check out FOE gallery for the Negora-mon custom ( ).

Welcome to Max Toy’s new Kaiju web site !


After 9 years, it was about time to refresh the web site and bring it into the smart phone era πŸ˜‰ Yes, finally you can browse and order Kaiju on your phone or tablet, Yay ! Ok, so it’s a work in progress, so if you encounter any broken links and such please let me know so i can let my web guy know. I’ll slowly add back the old content as well .. plus add images and descriptions to the new characters tab. More soon, and Happy Holidays !

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