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Galaxy Rosco Bears

A special edition of 7 Rosco Bears painted by Mark Nagata in a Galaxy style ! Rosco is the character and toy by http://www.fantastisch.mx , artists Bela Alvarez and Oscar Juarez. I decided to approach this custom run by leaving the serene face of Rosco, but pairing it with a Space galaxy setting.ย  Using Monster Kolor paints, each piece is hand painted and while similar, each is unique.


Only one left, so good luck !




Max Toy Updates

Slowly working my way thru a few projects … first up, a special set, once again with Baby Shifty .. full details soon but in the meantime here’s a peek ! 70s style this time …


And below, adding more details to these Rosco Bears ! Once again galaxy style … FYI half the run has been (sold) reserved, so if you have any interest better send an email to infoATmaxtoycoDOTcom .. they will be $100 each plus shipping and tax if you’re in CA. Should have them done by next week !


and finally, Halloween Candy Corn Negora sets are sold out, thank you ! ๐Ÿ˜‰




TaiPei Toy Festival

Here’s our exclusives for Taipei Toy Festival ! Look for booth A71 , along with OneUp store, Oct 7th -10th, 2016.

2016-09-21-08-32-00 2016-09-21-08-32-04

Plus look for the Kaiju Gyogura painted by Mark Nagata for Gumtaro x Medicom Toys offer, October 8th, 2016. I believe it’s only Japan ordering though ;-( via Project 1/6 shop/web site.

2016-10-02-07-58-56 2016-10-02-07-59-12

Also working on these cute Rosco bears by http://www.fantastisch.mx/ย  ( Bela รlvarez and Oscar Juรกrez ) More details very soon .. !


and check out our buddy, Mechavirus’ Instagram @mechavirus as he randomly drops some amazing customs, including these Max Toy Mecha cats !