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Hawaiian Drazoran Seth & Laura Longmire


Hawaiian Kaiju Drazoran custom by Seth and Laura Longmire ! Where to start ?!! These guys are simply amazing !!! First, a super colorful Hawaiian colored figured expertly painted by Seth. That alone is worth the price, but there’s much more. Seth’s mom, Laura, has hand crafted Hawaii shirts for each figure ! The details are all there from the pockets to the buttons, yes they button ! There’s more ! … Seth handcrafted and cast coconut drinks for each to hold ! Laura added custom made sandals and shell necklaces ! No two are the same by the way .. there are x5 figures in the “set” each is hand numbered and signed .. but really each is unique and no two are the same ! We only have two left … from the series. Simply stunning and a perfect addition to your Kaiju collection !I’ve seen a ton of custom Max toy figures and these rank up in my top 5 all time best πŸ˜‰

draggreenfront drazgreenclose


drazblkfront drazblackdetails

Check out Seth’s web site for more of his work : http://www.orbitdyne.com