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Max Toy Updates SDCC 2017

This week is SDCC Comic Con and once again I’m honored to have a few customs with some of the nicest people in the toy/art scene.
First up ( above)Β  i have a nice selection of figures via the Squibbles Ink / Rotofugi booth 5248 !

I’m among a select group to customized artist Martin Hsu’s Kindred figures. The resin

figure is produced by @powercore.io . Stop by Martin’s booth number 4530 he’s got lots of great art and prints !

Finally, have one more figure available at the Xenoplasm 2 show in Australia. Follow this link for purchasing info. https://www.outregallery.com/collections/xenoplasm-2/products/mecha-dino-saikobiΒ Β It’s painted over a glow in dark vinyl base !
Coming up, Pre Orders for the first factory painted CrusherG figure as well … I’ll post up a link in the web store next week πŸ˜‰ This picture is the factory test paint, but looks most awesome to meΒ  !
Busy prepping for STGCC in September.. but can not show anything as of yetΒ  ;-P Stay tuned for numerous announcements as we get closer ..
Thanks for looking and your continued support of Max Toys !

Gold TriPus & Stranger Factory Gallery show

Today we are taking PRE ORDERS, on our latest Kaiju TriPus in a hand dry brushed GOLD paint edition ! Hand painted by Mark Nagata over a black sofubi vinyl.

Basically the blanks are in stock, I’ll just need a few days to paint each of them. So you won’t have to wait too long ;-P
Opening next week June 2nd, 2017, at Stranger Factory, I have these three cool customs ( Galaxy TriPus, Dino SaiKobi, Metallic TriPus )Β  in the “Toymakers of Planet Earth” group show !
Please contact the gallery for more info on how to purchase them:Β  http://www.strangerfactory.com/Β 
Plus check out the other talented artists in the show !
And, we will be offering the newest sofubi figures, Mecha Ape, Crusher G and Galaxy Patrol very soon. Max Club members will get first shot at them, but I think there should be enough to post to the web store… I hope !
“Crusher G” header art by Mark Nagata
Galaxy Patrol header art by Mark Nagata
Updates: Ok first off if you Pre Ordered the King Negora ( red glitter) I am told that they should be finally painted and done next week .. I’m not holding my breath, but i know they were busy with Design Festa, so hopefully they can finally finish this order. I’m really sorry this took over 4 months ;-( I will add an extra something to each of your orders as a Thank You for waiting. Also, to clear up any confusion, we use several factories to cast and paint our toys. This particular factory is one of the busiest in the sofubi game, so just my bad luck that the project got so delayed.
Starting to prep for SDCC ( Rotofugi will be hosting my customs ), and gearing up for a special show just after summer ( I’ve mentioned it but wasn’t official so guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it !), but will announce it real soon, plus Dcon ( Nov), still working on a fantastic thing for Summer 2018 ( been working on this for 2 years now !), more new toys in the works ( Like Sofubi man !) and some exciting stuff for Japan ( and the USA ) πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for your continued support !!!

Your Kaiju Pal,


Hawaiian Drazoran Seth & Laura Longmire


Hawaiian Kaiju Drazoran custom by Seth and Laura Longmire ! Where to start ?!! These guys are simply amazing !!! First, a super colorful Hawaiian colored figured expertly painted by Seth. That alone is worth the price, but there’s much more. Seth’s mom, Laura, has hand crafted Hawaii shirts for each figure ! The details are all there from the pockets to the buttons, yes they button ! There’s more ! … Seth handcrafted and cast coconut drinks for each to hold ! Laura added custom made sandals and shell necklaces ! No two are the same by the way .. there are x5 figures in the “set” each is hand numbered and signed .. but really each is unique and no two are the same ! We only have two left … from the series. Simply stunning and a perfect addition to your Kaiju collection !I’ve seen a ton of custom Max toy figures and these rank up in my top 5 all time best πŸ˜‰

draggreenfront drazgreenclose


drazblkfront drazblackdetails

Check out Seth’s web site for more of his work : http://www.orbitdyne.com

Max Toy Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates here… been very busy painting customs for various upcoming shows in the next few months … plus randomly dropping some into the Max Toy web store πŸ˜‰ Not to mention working very hard on the special thing for 2018 πŸ˜‰ I should be able to reveal it in 2017 (haha) .. it’s gonna be a good one so stay tuned !

Here’s a look at some projects on the way …

First up we have these cool new Max Boy pins ! These will be available very soon (waiting for backing cards to arrive) ;-P Looks like next week, in fact ! Very cute, thanks to Javier Jimenez for the art work – http://www.javierjimenezdesign.com




Ultimate SaiKobi, glow vinyl, but above I’ve applied a black rub / wipe to it to bring out all the awesome details πŸ˜‰ Check my Instagram for more inprogress pics ( @maxtoyco )

This one is headed to a future custom toy show .. details soonish but i may also drop one into the web store too !


And, working on a small run of Cat Kaiju Nyagira ! These will be offered to Max Toy club members first .. any remaining will post to the Max Toy web store late next week. Much more in the works including debut of Ultra Nyan Cat ( licensed from Tsuburaya Pro ), New Max Boys, debut of Gacha-Maxx figures .. much more to come !

Max Toy Kaiju Updates

Hi All ! A few updates, I’m, sorry the Wonderfest post is late ( the event is over and the items have sold ). This time we sold all, one day license items, meaning there were no sales outside the event. Mostly from GeGeGe-No-Kitaro and bottom right, Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh.

2016-02-05 09.32.08

And coming very soon Max Toy X Monster Boogie, we will release x10 different gachapon style figure series, called Gacha-Max ! Don’t worry I have order them for USA πŸ˜‰ Most sculpted by Makino-san ( TTToys ) and Ozawa-san ( One eyed cat and octopus ). More details soon !

2016-01-28 16.38.37

2016-01-28 16.38.46

Max Toy Co Updates


Sorry for the lack of updates been working on customs for various upcoming shows plus randomly dropping Ultimate SaiKobi customs in the web store (all sold out) Above is a test shot of a Saikobi on a tank .. part of a special series we are working on for 2016 debut πŸ˜‰ I’ll try to post up a few more as we go along. Its gonna be a very cool project ! Of course you can get daily random Kaiju posts from me via Instagram: @maxtoyco

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