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Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2 show



Opening next week September 2nd, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia is Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2 show –

I have the above hand painted Gacha-Maxx figures for sale. Used V color on these this time around.

Please contact via their web site for info on how to order, etc.

Yay ! Thanks for the support !!

Max Toy Kaiju Updates

Hi All ! Just a few updates most of which have been posted to my

Instagram (@maxtoyco ) !


Many thanks to Rotofugi for once again hosting my customs at their booth via SDCC 2016. Humbled to see they sold out πŸ˜‰


Via Facebook friend, Edouard Jean Le Duc , this artwork with King Neogra was shown on Canadian TV ;-P

Story is at the 14:55 point –




Sold Out ! Sorry about that folks, we only had x3 sets for sale and they went super fast. Ameri-Cat vs Bat-Cat. @shifty_toys customized the Bat-Cat and I have to say from the paint app to the custom cape by @bunnykftwr stunning work !!! We’re working on a new series so stay tuned and yes this time we’ll make more available πŸ˜‰

And finally spent sometime filming stuff for a future project .. but that’s all I can say !

2016-07-22 12.06.36-2

SDCC 2016 customs


Many thanks to Joe, Kirby and the Rotofugi crew, once again I will have some customs for sale at their booth – #5248 ! There’s only one of each (these are one of a kind !) and prices are as follows:

Clear Eyezon (with guts) will be available for $435, while the newer style custom Kaiju Eyezon will be $350. A glow in the dark Saikobi is $375, and finally, a mini Kaiju Tripus will be available for $135. All prices are sales tax included.

Let me say, that Joe, Kirby & Whitney are hands down my favorite store/gallery but more importantly, just really good people. If only other “toy” folks and artists I deal with were like this, well, the toy world would be perfect πŸ˜‰ Please take the time to stop by their booth and buy something (doesn’t have to be my customs) to show your support.

While I won’t be at this years SDCC, we’re working on something for later this yearΒ  πŸ˜‰

Max Toy Updates

Sorry a bit late on these posts .. but here we go !

Have a few customs in this show now taking place in Australia at Outre gallery !


2016-07-04 20.31.45

Plus my custom for Ugly Con now at Giant Robot gallery .. Ugly Galaxy !


and last but not least later this week, we’ll have NEW Gacha-Maxx colors … Grey, Flesh ( Fresh ), GiD ( glow in dark ) and clear Pink ! When you order, we will randomly give you one of these colors ( and brown ) .. you can not pick the color or the character ( one of ten different ones) .. just like in a gashapon machineΒ  ;-P Good luck and hope you get the ones you’re looking for … Gotta Collect Them All !

2016-07-07 10.20.54

Max Toy Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates here… been very busy painting customs for various upcoming shows in the next few months … plus randomly dropping some into the Max Toy web store πŸ˜‰ Not to mention working very hard on the special thing for 2018 πŸ˜‰ I should be able to reveal it in 2017 (haha) .. it’s gonna be a good one so stay tuned !

Here’s a look at some projects on the way …

First up we have these cool new Max Boy pins ! These will be available very soon (waiting for backing cards to arrive) ;-P Looks like next week, in fact ! Very cute, thanks to Javier Jimenez for the art work –




Ultimate SaiKobi, glow vinyl, but above I’ve applied a black rub / wipe to it to bring out all the awesome details πŸ˜‰ Check my Instagram for more inprogress pics ( @maxtoyco )

This one is headed to a future custom toy show .. details soonish but i may also drop one into the web store too !


And, working on a small run of Cat Kaiju Nyagira ! These will be offered to Max Toy club members first .. any remaining will post to the Max Toy web store late next week. Much more in the works including debut of Ultra Nyan Cat ( licensed from Tsuburaya Pro ), New Max Boys, debut of Gacha-Maxx figures .. much more to come !

Max Toy Updates

A few random Max Toy Kaiju updatesΒ  πŸ˜‰


From November 2015, can you spy the mini glow Captain Maxx in this photo shoot in Marie Claire magazine ?! Had no idea they used him but always glad to see Japanese toys get their due πŸ˜‰


OneUp store Japan x Max Toys .. Frogs version 2 in progress ! Actually they are almost done ( see my instagram: maxtoyco ) Should be able to release them late next week .. I’ll post details soonish !


Design Festa May 14-15th, 2016- Max Toy table

Check out our Japan blog for more info –


Header card art ( comic book style ) by Mark Nagata for upcoming Robot Abigail releases in Japan and USA. More details very soon for US fansΒ  πŸ˜‰

Ultra Nyan Galaxxxy Store Exclusive


Max Toy x Tsuburaya Prod. present this Galaxxxy Rocks ( ) fashion store exclusive Ultra Nyan ! Check out the other Ultra related items here, but they are Japan only so you’ll have to get a friend to help ;-PΒ


Look for the first USA release version very soon πŸ˜‰ Meow !

Vincent Price Museum & Alien Art shows


A quick update, have a special Kaiju Eyezon in this Giant Robot museum show. Contact them to purchase itΒ  πŸ˜‰ Taking place at the Vincent Price museum ( yes that Vincent Price of horror movie fame ! )


ALIEN art_promo2

And curated by artist Chogrin and at Creature Features store in Burbank this weekend a tribute show to Alien movies. I painted this Alien “Big Chap” to the right ;-P Original ( acrylics mounted on foam core and framed ) and giclee prints available. Contact Creature Features for more info ! –

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